what’s done is undone

COMING Summer 2019


EDDI SEBASTIAN is a loser with a dream. But as a second-rate film editor, he's got no money, no girl, and no acclaim.

The best part of his day is pining over European actress, Anabel Ruysch, the object of his obsession.

His dream: to get a date. The problem? She doesn't know he exists. That is, until he discovers the power to re-edit the last 24 hours of his life.

Can Eddi step out from behind the screen and confront an imperfect world? Will he get the girl? Or will he realize that some things shouldn't be undone...?





RUSS RUSSO (Eddi Sebastian)

Russ is a working New York City actor whose career ranges from art house short projects, to Off-Broadway theater, to Independent films. He has been nominated for, and won, multiple awards.

Career highlights include An Act Of War (2015), The Book Of Love (2016) with Jason Sudeikis and Maisie Williams, Ryan Phillippe’s directorial debut Catch Hell (2014), and a role as a rebel hostage on NBC’s Revolution (2012). He also writes and continues to develop his craft at every opportunity.

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GIA BAY (anabel Ruysch)

Gia Bay is an actress, known for her work on HuntingdonThe Mentalist(2008) and Bad Cop (2009).

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Daniel Felix DeWeldon - Critical Acclaim What the Butler Saw Critic's Choice: "The way DeWeldon transforms Jason from a hipper than thou vet to a dude with a serious God-complex has to be seen to be believed." - Film Critic James Scarborough Of The Huffington Post Horror News Critic's Choice: "Special performance honors in the picture to Daniel Deweldon.”

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Haley Bedocs (Fran Rosemarin)

Haley Noel Bedocs is an actress, known for her work on Chaser (2019), Madelline (2018) and Meditation Extreme (2017). 

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Roger Moore is an actor, known for his work on Chaser (2019) and Pursuit of Honor: The Rise of George Washington (2006).

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SCOTT STOOPS (gatekeeper/ Dupe Man)

Scott Stoops is an actor, known for his work on Chaser (2019) and Meditation Extreme (2017).

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Beau Roberts (Hardhat)

Beau Roberts is a cinematographer and editor, known for The Isle of Succession (2009), The Man Who Knew Everything (2010) and Fractured (2011).

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lare Roberts (chinchock the homeless redneck)

Born Larry Richard Helton, Lare Roberts attended Northern Kentucky University graduating in 1976 with a degree in psychology. His first acting role was as Charlie Brown in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown” during his college career. He began film acting after a small part in a made-for-TV movie, "The Pride of Jesse Hallum" starring Johnny Cash. He then got an agent in 1988 and started film, theatre and T.V. commercials.

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Suzanna Hammond (Party Girl)

Jennifer Hurst (Fran’s Aunt/Waitress)

Luna (Self)

Deshawn Pool (Bouncer)

Eric Sparks (Chaser Waiter)

Steve Steinmetz (Eric)

(Cab Driver)

Andrea Wittmer (Stephanie)




Daniel Roemer (Writer, Director)

Daniel Roemer's unique and powerful style of directing has lead him to receive such attention as USA Film's Top 10 Emerging Director's list at the age of 20, two-time Project Greenlight Best Director Finalist (Ben Affleck/Matt Damon), and student Academy Award State finalist by age 22.

He has been characterized as "a filmmaker with his finger on the pulse of the world's youth," as his short films have been distributed theatrically in over 75 countries. Partnering with Inspirational Films in Europe…

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George Whitten (Executive Producer)

George Whitten is known for his work on Chaser (2019) and Meditation Extreme (2017).

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Andrea is a writer and artist with a complex educational background and a constant drive for creative expression. She’s currently writing several screenplays, and is known for her work on Chaser (2019).


Suzanna Hammond is a Mansfield native known for her work on Chaser (2019) and Madelline (2018).


Ron Fernandez is known for his work on Grendel (2007), America's Next Top Model (2003) and Amsterdam.

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Julie Wittmer (Associate Producer)

Julie Wittmer is known for her work on Chaser (2019).

Jeremy Howe (Associate Producer)

Jeremy Howe is best known for his work as a writer on the hit T.V. show The Big Bang Theory (2012-2018).

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David Martin (Associate Producer)

David Martin is known for his work on Chaser (2019).

Dan Bugg (Associate Producer)

Dan Bugg is known for his work on Chaser (2019).

Mary Frankenfield (Pre-production Producer)

Mary Frankenfield is known for her work on Chaser (2019).


Diego Madrigal is based in Los Angeles, California. He is known for the second season of the award-winning television series, Giants (2017), as well as Stages (2014), and Other (2018). He is passionate about music as well, and loves to travel.

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Fiona Donley (Production & Set Design, Costume Design)

Fiona Donley is known for Rover (2015), Chaser (2019), Escape from Death Block 13 (filmimg).

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Aaron COllins (Unit Production Manager)

Aaron Collins is known for his producer and production manager credits on over 24 television series and movies including Ghosted (2017) and London Fields (2018).

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David Kirst (Executive In Charge Of Production, Sound Department)

David Kirst is known for his work on Escape from Death Block 13 (filming) and ClownTown (2016). 

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Christopher J. Brown (Assistant Director, Script Supervisor)

Christopher J. Brown is known for his work on television shows such as Chain Reaction (1996), Home Alone 3 (1997) and Ocean’s Twelve (2004).

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Rob Hemmick (Art Department, Location Manager)

Rob Hemmick is known for his work on Madelline (2018), Videodiary (2009) and Amos (2009).

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DESHAWN POOL (Sound Department)

Deshawn Pool is known for his work on Chaser (2019).

Steve Steinmetz (Gaffer)

Steve is a U.S. Marine Combat Veteran, serving as a 2841 ground radio repairer from 1987-1994. After being discharged from the Marines, Steve returned to school at Ohio University to finish his degree, graduating Magna cum laude in Video Production/Film. Steve free lances as a crew member, having experience in Grip, Electric, Camera and Production.

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Hugo is known for his work on Chaser (2019).

Meli Alexander (Casting Associate)

Meli Alexander, born in Hartford, CT, grew up in CT, The Bronx, NY and Pasadena, TX. An accomplished chef, she had aspirations of becoming a registered dietitian and food sociologist. However, she now devotes her life to being a full time professional actor and producer. Her passion for entertaining is very evident the moment you see her.

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Haley Noel Bedocs (Casting Assistant)

Haley Noel Bedocs is known for her work on Chaser (2019), Madelline (2018) and Meditation Extreme (2017). 

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Therese Backowski (Story Editor)

Therese is known for her work on Chaser (2019).

Robert Lehew (Production Accountant)

Robert Lehew is known for his work on Chaser (2019).

Ze’ev Gillad (Graphics)

Producer, (art) director, editor, motionographer, designer & teacher



Zero Gravity Media Films, LLC

Zero Gravity Media Films, LLC was founded in Burbank, California in 2009. ZGM is an innovative and daring young production company, ready to handle all your media needs. We produce commercials, music videos, short and feature-length films and provide script development services.

Today, ZGM is led by writer and director Daniel Roemer. With over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry, Roemer has established strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike. As a result, he has established a diverse network of skilled artists with whom to collaborate. Those who have worked with Roemer applaud him for his unique style of storytelling and media creation.

Below, you can see some of ZGM's past work, as well as previous honors and accolades Daniel Roemer has received.


ZGM Official Selection New Filmmakers Film Festival

new filmmakers.png

past PRESS


Mansfield movie 'Chaser' releases trailer

Mansfield movie 'Chaser' releases trailer

Mansfield Locations to be featured in 2019 film

MANSFIELD -- In 2004, Daniel Roemer created what he considers his most successful work, 'The Select Fit.'

The short film was based on two angels who challenge the protagonist to find the true meaning of life. It was distributed by Lionsgate and has been played in over 75 countries.


Local Short Film Premieres Nov. 30

MANSFIELD - It's no secret the theater plays a central role in Mansfield's blossoming arts scene, but lesser known is the budding film scene Daniel Roemer is trying to foster. 

daniel romer.jpg

Hollywood filmmaker seeks local talent

Filmmaker Dan Roemer has recently returned to his native Mansfield after 15 years in Los Angeles, and he’s looking for local talent.

Starting later this month he’ll be leading an eight-week course at the Mansfield Art Center called "Acting For Film."


Film Maker Returns Home to Mansfield

MANSFIELD - If there's one thing that makes Daniel Roemer light up, it's seeing an actor perform brilliantly on screen and being part of that magical moment.


Can Jesus Save Hollywood?

From The Passion of the Christ to The Chronicles of Narnia, the Christian audience is making spirits rise

Daniel Roemer, a twenty-five-year-old aspiring director, has gathered about a dozen actors and friends to read from his latest movie script, which is going to be called either American Dreamer or 10,000 Virgins. They sit in a semicircle on the homey velour couches of Act One, a Los Angeles program for aspiring Christian screenwriters...